100 % renewable energy. Green electricity from Germany.

You have made the conscious decision for electric mobility. It is just logical that the charging electricity should also come from renewable energy sources. This is the only way to achieve a truly sustainable lifestyle. We offer you 100% certified green electricity from Germany and put together an electricity package that fits your needs exactly. Depending on whether you are only looking for a solution for your electric car only or would like to provide the entire household electricity. The choice is yours - and of course, you can also stay with your current provider.

Green electricity

100% regionally generated, CO2-free, certified origin

12 months

So you know what you can expect


Green electricity for your car or your entire home


Electricity for home & car

Everything from a single source? This has many advantages. You receive the electricity for your electric car and your entire home from a single source, benefit from a uniformly favourable tariff and can be sure that you are consistently using electricity from certified, renewable energy sources. Another plus: the intelligent electricity meter ("smart meter"), which will be mandatory from 2032, is also part of your package. This way, you can make your electricity supply future-proof at the same time.


Car-only electricity

You only want to charge your car with our electricity and remain loyal to your current electricity supplier for the rest of your home? Of course, this is also possible, but it requires a little more space and the operation of two separate electricity meters. You can find out more from our competent team of experts, who will advise you individually in advance. In any case, we will find the proper infrastructure and a customized package for your needs.

Smart electricity moves in

If you don't yet have the latest-generation meter, it's coming to you now. With every electricity package, we automatically install a digital smart meter, as will be required by law from 2032. Take this opportunity to make your home fit for future requirements now! And discover the benefits of the new devices.


The latest generation of legally certified meters

The electricity consumption of individual appliances becomes traceable

Electricity guzzlers can be identified and eliminated more easily

Annual digital readout takes place automatically

User-friendly control via tablet or smartphone

Prompt billing of actual consumption instead of annual estimated prices

In the spotlight

The composition of our electricity.

Whether you choose electricity for your car or your home and car, it is always certified green electricity of regional origin that arrives in your car or your household appliances. The exact composition of your electricity mix varies according to location and also depends on other factors such as the weather situation.

Wind energy

Wind power converts the kinetic energy of wind into electricity. A distinction can be made between onshore and offshore plants. In Germany, wind turbines generate the largest share of renewable energy.

Solar energy

Solar energy is one of the most important sources of energy and is generated by solar plants or photovoltaic systems. It can be converted either into electricity or heat. Unlike water or wind, solar energy is a universally available energy source worldwide.

Biogas plants

Biogas plants are used to produce biogas from biomass and have their origins in agriculture: animal waste and plants are used as raw materials, which are converted into biogas via an anaerobic fermentation process.



We offer you the best chargers on the market, future-proof and tailored to your needs.



With us in a single package: Professional installation by an e-mobility specialist in your region.


No, your existing electricity tariff does not need to be cancelled. Univers Charge includes a separate smart meter. This allows us to supply you directly with 100% green electricity for your electric car without depending on other contracts or their duration. Alternatively, we are also happy to offer you green electricity for your home.

The included kilowatt-hours are the amount of electricity you have booked with your tariff package. The price for included electricity is 0,27€ / kWh. You can charge outside the included amount for 0.29€ / kWh if you need more electricity.

Our green electricity comes from the German-wide bundling of renewable energies and is delivered directly to you. The integration of many thousands of decentralised, renewable generation units of the most diverse technologies (PV, wind, biogas, etc.) ensures a high degree of self-sufficiency during the day and night, as the types of generation complement each other well.

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