EnOS™ Innovation

Artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) in one intelligent operating system


EnOS™ - the AIoT Operating System

EnOS™, Univers AIoT operating system, its growing ecosystem includes more than 500 customers and partners across ten industries.


The system offers ready-to-use decarbonization and digitization applications and a complete suite of connectivity and device management, application deployment and analytics resources.


Combined with Univers Group's decarbonization hardware and our ecosystem (renewable power generation, energy storage, etc.), Univers provides integrated solutions incorporating Information Technology (IT), Operational Technology (OT) and Energy Technology (ET) for our industrial customers - from hardware manufacturers to energy and utility companies or operators of large infrastructures.

Based on one open platform


Supported by the most innovative technologies of our time.

220 Mio.

connected smart devices

568 GW

energy assets managed worldwide


businesses in the ecosystem

EnOS™ AIoT platform supports the efficient transformation of a wide range of industries.

EnOS™ facilitates the efficient and intelligent transformation of a wide range of industries. The system follows a model-based philosophy and offers over 3000 devices for industry, over 200 protocol adapters, 360 AI models and diverse proposed solutions for smart renewables, connected energy, smart spaces and smart factories. In sum, all these solutions shorten the path to a climate-neutral future.


Smart Renewable Energies

For power generators & grid operators

  • IoT-enabled remote monitoring and control for increased operational excellence


  • AI-powered advanced analytics lower the cost of required maintenance and reduce generation losses.


  • Precise forecasts of power generation and grid load keep the system fail-safe and the overall system CO2 emissions low.


Smart Spaces

For governments, cities, building and port operators, EV users


  • The breaking down of hardened structures together with highly efficient forecasting and real-time features provides accurate insights.


  • A highly secure platform meets stringent safety requirements - for a safe, environmentally friendly life.


  • Intelligent applications close the gap between Smart Spaces and the grid using renewable energy.


Connected Energy

For cities, building and grid operators 


  • The intelligent platform offers real-time energy data for all energy generating and consuming devices, storage, and grids, thus improving energy management.


  • Predictive energy management optimizes energy consumption and prevents leaks - for higher cost savings.


  • Intelligent storage solutions improve plant performance and make it safer. Flexible, cloud-based solutions lower the total cost of operation and ensure virtually limitless capacity.



Smart Factory

For manufacturers, plant operators and factories


  • Remote monitoring and control support the energy needs of a smart, fully automated factory.


  • Connected Energy optimates the complex energy usage in the factory and can thus reduce costs and CO2 Emissions drastically. 


  • Predictive analytics identify and correct potential equipment and energy problems before they occur, contributing to increased production efficiency.

EnOS™ AIoT-Products

EnOS™ is a multifunctional platform with multiple application possibilities.

EnOS™ Edge

Realize faster insights, faster response times, and less bandwidth by bringing thousands of devices closer to your data. High connectivity and edge intelligence at low prices.

EnOS™ Cloud

Connect millions of devices and systems to monetize your data assets. Develop applications that give you more business insights and new revenue models.

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