Professional Installation and Maintenance by a Specialist

The professional installation of a charging infrastructure requires a lot of know-how and experience. This is precisely what our in-house specialist bring to the table: Electricians from your region who specialise in electromobility and can find the right solution for your needs, whether in a single-family home or an apartment building. We at Univers stand for timely, cost-secure planning and implementation. You also buy futureproofing from us: All charging stations in our range are already equipped with the technology that will be required by law in the future. So you can be sure that your solution will pay off in the long term. Check our installation packages below to get a better understanding what they include.

Your benefits when you choose us as your installation partner

Qualified Specialists

We work with competent professionals from your region who know all about electromobility and photovoltaics and who will install your charging solution professionally. Univers takes care of all the organisational details.

On-site check upfront

The cost of a professional installation varies from house to house. It can only be reliably stated once a professional has taken a close look at your site. That's why we have our on-site check: An electrician visits you to get an accurate picture. Only then will you receive an offer.

Professional service from us

We keep an eye on costs, adherence to schedules, after-sales services and much more. This way, you don't take any risks and save yourself searching for a suitable professional — one point of contact for everything instead of coordinating different crafts.


Individual solutions.

For every home.


Single-family houses

The petrol station of the future is at home with us. Our charging solutions for private homes are individually adapted to your needs. Are you looking for the perfect charging infrastructure for your own home or rented property? For a single vehicle or several at once? You've come to the right place!


Multi-apartment buildings

Are you an owner or a property management company and would like to offer your tenants a charging infrastructure to increase the property's attractiveness? Charging solutions for apartment buildings, shared flats or residential complexes require precise planning, a lot of know-how and sufficient capacity to implement large-scale projects.

Reaching your goal systematically. Three steps to your individual charging solution.

1. Optional initial consultation by telephone

You are still at the very beginning and would like a first orientation? Contact us via our contact form! In a personal conversation, we can clarify essential questions. You will gain an initial idea of what is important. Our advisory service is optional and free of charge for you.

2. Book an on-site appointment & offer

Now it will get more concrete: An electrical specialist will visit your home and clarify which solution is the most suitable and how it can best be installed. The result is a concrete offer. You can book the professional assessment directly in our online shop.

3. Installation & commissioning by a specialist 

If you are happy with the offer, we will coordinate all the installation appointments and accompany you until the turnkey solution is ready for use. The installation is carried out by certified electricians and charging infrastructure professionals.

Overview of our installation packages

Your offer will be individually compiled based on our installation packages after the on-site visit. If you accept the installation offer, we offset the price for the on-site visit against your invoice. There are no hidden costs with us. All installation packages and offers include all expenses associated with the installation.

Components in all our installation packages

Registration with the DSO

Hardware delivery

Travel expenses

Fuses, cables and basic equipment

Installation and mounting of the charger

Configuration, charging test and instruction

Inspection of the distribution cabinet

Analysis of the installation locations

Plug & Charge S

Includes all necessary expenses, services and benefits for the installation of your charging station and smart electricity meter if the installation conditions are good.

902,83 €*

Plug & Charge M

Extended with additional services if the car parking space is not directly at the house. Fifteen metres of cable and pipes, as well as up to two wall break-throughs, are included.

1.665,26 €*

Plug & Charge L

For all those with a suitable parking space at the house and the additional need for a further distribution cabinet to operate the future-proof Smart Meter, which is part of the overall package.

2.459,01 €*

Plug & Charge XL

Includes everything necessary for a comprehensive installation. More material, up to two wall breakthroughs, and a distribution cabinet and its installation are included.

3.221,44 €*

*The exact cost estimate will be made after an on-site appointment with one of our experts.

Are you ready?

Contact us via our contact form for a free initial telephone consultation or book yourself an on-site visit with one of our specialists. They will visit you at home and clarify which solution is the most suitable and how best to install it. 



We offer you the best chargers on the market, future-proof and tailored to your needs.


Green electricity

Make your sustainable mobility solution complete - with a green electricity package.


To find out whether Univers Charge will work for you, it is best to arrange a free consultation or order a pre-visit via our online shop. Experts will then check the installation conditions on-site, and you will then receive a quote.

A pre-visit is an on-site visit carried out by one of our professional regional partner companies. An electrician will come to your home and check the conditions on-site. This is how we ensure that a potential installation at your premises goes as smoothly as possible.

The installation of the charger or Wallbox must always be carried out by specialised and professional partner companies, as these are high-voltage lines. This also applies to installations in the distribution box and the connection to the utility grid.

With Univers Charge, these services are part of the All-from-One solution, including a pre-visit that may be necessary to check the conditions at the installation site.

Note: For eligibility for KfW funding, the installation must be carried out by a certified electrician. All our partner companies fulfil this requirement.

Our standard packages include all services necessary for the installation and operation of the Charger and the Smart Meter. If electricity is purchased through Univers, it is a prerequisite that there is free space for the Smart Meter in the distribution box, the existing building electrics are sufficient, and no wall breakthroughs or earthworks are necessary.

We offer service packages for a wide range of installation conditions. These are individually compiled for you during our checkout, based on your information. All our package features can also be found on our website.

After installation and assembly, the electrician configures the Charger together with the technical support of Univers Operations GmbH. The configuration takes about 30 to 60 minutes.

The functional readiness of your charger also depends on the registration or approval of the distribution network operator. This can take from a few weeks to - in rare cases - several months.

Since the 22kW version of the charger requires registration and approval from the distribution network operator, we must assume a much longer period of time. As part of our all-from-one package, we take care of the registration or approval process for you.

With the Univers Charge, these services are part of the All-from-One solution, including a possibly necessary pre-visit to check the conditions at the installation site.

Note: For eligibility by KfW, the installation must be performed by a certified electrician. All our partner companies fulfill this requirement.

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