Plan E for the Housing Sector

The all-from-one solution for your transition to electromobility - optionally incl. 100 % green electricity.

Key success factors for charging solutions in multi-residential buildings

We recognize the challenges and opportunities these fields present and help you realize the full potential of your real estate property. In addition to regulatory and coordination aspects, these three factors in particular stand for a successful installation and optimized use of your charging infrastructure.

Power Connection Capacity & Load Management

  • Load management can compensate for high additional load demand due to charging of electric and hybrid vehicles

  • Additional costs for the increase of the house connection are avoidable

  • We offer safeguarding through static or dynamic load management

Usage Model

  • Depending on the type of real estate object and the ratio of owner/tenant to the number of parking spaces, different usage models are recommended

  • We offer multiple models - from completely private use, through various models controlled by the WEG, to semi-public charging

Billing Model

  • Our all-from-one charging solution, Univers Charge, has a modular structure

  • There are three independent building blocks. Smart charging points, installation & maintenance, and green power and service packages

  • All components can be flexibly divided between the parties depending on the usage model

Univers Charge

The all-in-one solution for the housing sector

Charging Points

Fast chargers from brand manufacturers for all EVs with type 2 connection


Modular billing models for all parties involved

Green Electricity

We offer green electricity from regional renewable energy sources as an option.

Installation Service

Professional installation and service from a specialist for electromobility

From A-Z for E in the housing sector

The all-from-one solution from Univers at a glance


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Key Questions: 

There are various ways you can offset the charging solution with your tenants or owners.

Univers's offering extends to intelligent renewable energies (solar, wind), intelligent cities (smart cities), networked energy and intelligent power plants. In short, smart energy and emissions management. As a key player in AIoT operating systems, Univers is building an ecosystem of partners to enable the energy transition and digital transformation worldwide. In Germany, Univers is driving the smart charging of electric cars at home and at work, in addition to many other activities such as the construction and operation of wind turbines. The company's manufacturer-independent technology is compatible and can be combined with almost all electric cars and manufacturers of chargers and PV systems. A smart charging box offers numerous advantages thanks to its connection to the internet. For example, it can be maintained remotely and continuously updated with software and security updates. EnOS is already designed to optimize self-consumption and grid-friendly charging in the future through various charging modes - the software decides when to charge, for example when electricity is particularly cheap because the wind and sun are feeding in strongly.

"Grid-friendly" in this context also means buying and storing electricity when there is a surplus in the grid. So that what often happens today does not happen and electricity disappears into the void. Renewable energy is far too valuable for that.

Yes, for example a lighthouse project in the port of Antwerp. As part of the Pioneers project, Univers is looking at all aspects of port operations: from terminal operations, concession agreements, mobility, connectivity and fuels to models for collaboration and production, as well as the storage and use of energy. The measures include the generation of renewable energies and the use of electric, hydrogen and methanol vehicles. Also included is the energy-efficient retrofitting of buildings and heating networks, a circular economy for infrastructure work, automation and the use of digital platforms to promote modal shift and ensure optimized vehicle, ship and container movements.

Based on the included IoT platform and the use of AI, EnOS enables continuous optimization of all relevant parameters using algorithms. This AIoT technology creates a digital twin of the port; port activities are modelled, simulated, optimized and monitored - including logistics, maintenance, traffic and energy consumption.

"EnOS™" stands for Energy Operating System and is a tried-and-tested, intelligent and open platform - the center of an ever-growing ecosystem. Our goal: We are realigning the generation and consumption of energy and the digital transformation. Worldwide.

EnOS™ already connects and manages a large number of energy producers and consumers. It connects cities and companies in an intelligent way.

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