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Sustainable charging solutions - scalable and future-oriented

Sensible and scalable charging solutions for companies are a complex issue and comprise many components.

The right wallbox, professional installation by certified electricians, 100% green electricity (if required) and services for maintenance, billing and reporting.

Univers is your partner for a sustainable charging solution that is scalable and future-proof.

We offer companies smart solutions for fleets, the real estate industry, hotels, car dealerships and many more.

Our customized solutions cover the entire spectrum - from planning, to implementation and ongoing operation.

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Get in touch with us and we will be happy to help you with our extensive expertise from many international, national and local projects.

Our mission

Univers is more than just a software company.

We are one of the world's leading greentech companies and develop innovative solutions for the two mega-trends of the coming years from the intersection of digitalization, science and craftsmanship.

The energy and mobility transformation with the goal of a CO₂-neutral and therefore liveable future, which is why we call ourselves NetZero Technology Partners.


Net Zero Champion

We are becoming the world's leading NetZero technology partner for companies, governments and cities.

And not least for ourselves, we are pursuing ambitious goals in terms of climate neutrality.

Do you need expertise and a reliable partner for the switch to e-mobility?

The EnOS™ platform

EnOS™ is the innovative software from Univers, the Energy Operating System. Univers Charge is the intelligent and innovative charging solution for electric vehicles. It combines central software components with individual micro-services for a scalable and user-friendly charging experience.


EnOS™ - the AIoT operating system

In line with the motto "Charging is coming home", our smart complete solution supports the German government's current initiatives to simplify the charging of electric cars and thus increase consumer demand for electromobility. "Our focus is on charging at home and charging at work. And thus on charging locations, which according to studies account for more than 80% of charging processes.

Univers Charge

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All-from-one solution

Qualified for subsidization

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Installation service

Works with almost all car brands

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We plan, implement and organize charging solutions for your company.

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Univers Charge app:

Start, monitor and stop the charging process easily and conveniently via the Univers app.


Univers app & web portal

Our apps and web portal give you an overview of all relevant statistics, reporting and billing. And with special views for individual users, property managers and fleet managers.

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Next Step

We offer you a comprehensive portfolio and extensive practical experience with projects of various sizes. Take the next step in electromobility and Net Zero:

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2. On-site check

3. Detailed planning

4. Implementation & consulting

5. Operation, billing & reporting

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Selling GHG quota

Can your project benefit from public funding?

KfW funding for charging stations for companies

The requirements for KfW funding

You can secure funding opportunities via the Federal Ministry of Transport. For example, via the KfW 441 subsidy. The following requirements must be met:


The purchase and installation of a stationary, intelligent charging station, including the electrical connection, is exclusively for use in a commercial context.


Your charging station must not be accessible to the public for use.


The charging current must be generated exclusively from renewable energies.


The charging stations must be used for at least 6 years.

Sell the CO₂ emissions you have saved

Benefit additionally from the GHG quota:


Money back through the greenhouse gas reduction quota! Sell your GHG quota within 2 minutes and secure € 180 per electric vehicle!

Our experts provide an overview of subsidies in the field of e-mobility and will be happy to help you.

Univers has its own experts and an extensive network of experts who can help you get started with sophisticated charging solutions from our company.

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