Net Zero Champion

Our EnOS™ AIoT-Platform combines cutting edge technologies and offers smart support for your digitalization and decarbonization

Net Zero is our goal, technology our asset and cooperation our concept. 

We have set ourselves the ambitious goal of CO2 neutrality and we are fiercely determined to become the leading global partner for net zero technology for businesses, governments, and cities. 


Univers business operations will be CO2-neutral.


Univers supply chain will be CO2 neutral – globally.


Univers supply chain will be CO2 neutral – globally.


With our AIoT operating system EnOS™, we support governments and companies worldwide on a consistent path to a climate-neutral future.


Univers Charge for EVs

Univers Charge is a smart, cost-effective charging solution for consumers, businesses, and cities. With Univers Charge you can electrify your headquarters, your fleet, and your employees. Our charging solutions are flexible and can be customized to meet your needs. By creating a smart connected energy grid with the EnOS™ AIoT platform, the electric car charging solution can be integrated with solar (PV) installations and energy storage systems (ESS), increasing grid capacity more than tenfold without the need for grid expansion.


EnOS™ AIoT Solutions

Combining Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) in a single intelligent operating system, EnOS™ provides ready-to-use decarbonization and digitization applications and a complete suite of connectivity and device management, application deployment and analytics resources. The focus is on multi-asset industries, such as energy and utilities, manufacturing, and transportation.

One Billion Tons of CO2 Savings

As of today, Univers technology already supports several Net Zero solutions, helping to save 200 million tons of CO2 equivalent per year through renewable energy generation and storage, electric car batteries, energy efficiency, and emissions trading enablement.


With our partners, we are aiming to save one billion tons and would like to call on you to take up this challenge and work with us towards this goal.

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