The installation service for your Nissan Wallbox

Univers is Nissan's e-mobility partner and expert in professional charging solutions.

The all-from-one worry-free package

Benefit from the combined expertise of Nissan and Univers.
After expert advice, you can expect an on-site inspection of the

and the installation of the Wallbox by qualified

specialist companies.

In addition, Univers takes care of the

registration with the relevant grid operator and guarantees you a 24-month service.

month service following a successful installation.

Electrify yourself!

All inclusive

Installation and mounting of the Nissan Wallbox

Travel fees for on-site check and installation

On-site inspection and analysis of the electrical infrastructure

Configuration, connection, function test and instruction

Registration with the responsible distribution network operator

Registration with the responsible distribution network operator

The way to your Nissan Wallbox

Purchase of the voucher at your Nissan dealership

Visit this website for all the important information

Redirection to the appointment booking page and entering of the voucher code

Appointment with an electrician by Univers Service Team

On-site check by a certified electrician

Creation of your non-binding installation offer

Upon acceptance of the offer: Installation and commissioning of your wallbox


Smart Control

Charge simply green: conveniently from anywhere and whenever you want. And, of course, as safely as possible. Because charging is only possible for those who have access to the charger with the Univers Charge app.* Start, monitor and stop your charging process from the couch - with our free app.

*only with activated authentication mode

Make an appointment with your installation voucher now.

Charging station installation projects are usually done in two steps due to very different conditions at the installation site: During a first on-site visit, an electrician comes to your home and checks the conditions and costs of the installation at your location. Based on the findings, you will receive a non-binding offer that will be charged to your installation voucher. If you like the offer, the installation and commissioning of the Nissan charging station will be carried out at a second appointment.

You already have a voucher code?

Then book your on-site visit now and redeem your voucher code.

You don’t have a voucher code yet?

No problem. Contact a Nissan dealership near you to learn more. 

Key questions

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Your Nissan voucher code can be conveniently redeemed via our order form (link). In the first step, you enter your voucher code and complete the order process for a first on-site visit by submitting your personal information. 


In addition to the on-site visit, the Nissan voucher code includes service benefits for 24 months and a remaining credit that will be deducted from your installation costs. Unused credit of the voucher, e.g. if the installation becomes cheaper than your voucher credit, will of course be refunded to you.

On the installation day, the electrician will bring all the necessary additional materials to install the charger, which you have received from your Nissan dealer. You do not need to prepare anything else. Please only make sure that the place(s) of installation are freely accessible.

In advance, we will contact the distribution network operator in your region for you and properly register the charger.

Depending on the on-site situation, the installation takes between 4 and 6 hours. However, in rare cases, it can take one or even two full days. After installation and assembly, the electrician configures the Wallbox together with the technical support of Univers Operations GmbH. The configuration takes about 30 to 60 minutes.

The functional readiness of your Wallbox also depends on the registration or approval of the distribution network operator. This can take from a few weeks to - in rare cases - several months. Since the 22kW version of the Wallbox requires registration and approval from the distribution network operator, a much longer period must be assumed. We will take care of the registration and approval process for you.

The installation of the charger must always be carried out by a specialist, as high-voltage lines are concerned. This also applies to installations in the distribution box and the connection to the utility grid. With Univers Charge, these services, including a pre-visit to check the conditions at the installation site, are part of the solution.

Customer service

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